Neck and Back Pain

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Discomfort and pain aren’t just something you should have to tolerate. Dr. Adam Kritzberg provides an array of chiropractic and holistic care methods to alleviate pain for patients in Oceanside and Rockville Centre, New York. Neck pain can be especially problematic, as it can develop into migraines and significantly inhibit your daily functioning. Back pain can range from mild to debilitating and also negatively impact your quality of life. At Atlas Chiropractic, the compassionate medical team offers effective treatments to manage pain. Call one of the two offices or schedule your consultation online.

Neck and Back Pain Q & A

What causes neck pain?
Your neck carries the heavy weight of your head and doesn’t often get a break, aside from when you sleep. Your neck is particularly vulnerable to muscle strain, tension, and tightness.
There are numerous causes of neck pain, including:

Worn joints
Over time and with aging, your joints can weaken and wear down. That can also occur as a result of certain other progressive and degenerative diseases, such as osteoarthritis.

Nerve compression
Herniated discs or bone spurs in your neck can put pressure on your nerves and compress them, resulting in pain.

Muscle strains
Overexertion and overuse can cause your neck muscles to strain and tighten. When the muscles are strained, pain can radiate to your neck and shoulders.

Injuries and accidents can damage the neck, limit mobility, compress nerves, cause muscle strain, and more.

Different diseases can lead to neck pain, including cancer, meningitis, and certain arthritic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.

What causes back pain?
Back pain and neck pain are often intertwined. If you have pain in your upper back and shoulders, you might also experience pain in your neck and vice versa.
Additionally, back pain can be caused by many of the same factors as neck pain, including accidents and trauma, diseases, and wear and tear. Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of trauma because many people injure their backs with even the simplest movements.

What treatments are available for neck and back pain?
The treatments depend on the cause and severity of the neck and back pain, Dr. Kritzberg’s recommendations, and the preference of the patient.

Activator method
With the activator method, Dr. Kritzberg uses a handheld instrument to deliver low force to targeted joints or vertebrae. The gentle pulses are specifically designed to restore motion.

Atlas adjustments
The atlas is the top vertebra in your spine. Atlas adjustments correct or align the atlas to improve the mobility and functioning of your neck.
Other effective chiropractic and holistic treatments for back and neck pain include:
  • Flexion
  • Core training
  • Cranial-sacral therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Kinesiology taping
  • Full spine adjusting
  • Extremity adjusting
Chiropractic care can often curb the need for surgery or medicines that could pose unwanted risks or side effects and potentially lead to additional health complications.

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