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At Atlas Chiropractic, Dr. Adam Kritzberg treats patients from newborns to seniors. The whole family is welcome, and you receive comprehensive, personalized care through all stages of life. From youth to aging, life presents many challenges and employing chiropractic, holistic, and rehabilitative care methods helps each member of your family reach peak wellness. Book an appointment online or call one of the offices in Oceanside and Rockville Centre, New York.

Family Practice Q & A

What is family practice?
A family practice provides comprehensive care for your whole family. Dr. Kritzberg treats patients of all ages — including newborns, children, seniors, and even expectant mothers — providing individualized chiropractic care for whatever health needs come with your stage of life.
A family chiropractic practice allows families to develop relationships with a provider who is well-versed in caring for both children and adults through the healing effects of chiropractic care.
Regardless of your age or family status, having a provider you know and trust is a comforting notion, and that’s what family practice chiropractic delivers.

What are the benefits of family practice?
Family practice medicine is a dynamic specialty that encompasses knowledge, skill, and comprehensive care and puts the patient first. Many people remain with their family medicine providers for decades throughout their lives.
With a family chiropractic practice, you have continuity of care. Dr. Kritzberg considers patients’ lives within the broader context of your family, community, career, social life, and lifestyle choices pertinent to their health.
Dr. Kritzberg serves you throughout your life and values getting to know you and addressing your concerns. The cornerstone of family practice is nurturing the patient-physician relationship.

How does a family chiropractic practice treat babies?
Chiropractic care for babies is safe, precise, gentle, and specialized. Dr. Kritzberg has years of experience treating babies using techniques that are gentle enough for a newborn’s tiny body, but effective enough to treat even severe injuries.
Some of the chiropractic techniques used for babies are:
  • Flexion
  • Cranial-sacral therapy
  • Activator method
  • Gentle extremity adjusting
Chiropractic treatments help newborns to heal after the sometimes-traumatic experience of birth and can provide many benefits, including:
  • Relaxation
  • Regulating sleeping pattern
  • Regulating breathing pattern
  • Aiding colic and digestive disorders
How does family practice merge with chiropractic care?
Since chiropractic care is also comprehensive by nature, Dr. Kritzberg utilizes the benefits of chiropractic care to give patients the best chance of injury recovery and optimal wellness.
Chiropractic care uses a holistic, natural approach to family medicine. The focus is on caring for the body as a whole, viewing it as an interconnected system, and aiming to uncover the causes of ailments, not just treat the symptoms.
A primary benefit of chiropractic care with a family practice mindset is that a set subspecialty does not limit Dr. Kritzberg’s approach, so he can focus on your overall health needs, and how various body systems work together for good health.

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